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Client / ADCOLOR Industry Conference and Awards
Media / Social
Challenge / Increase awareness of the 4-day event and engagement among Millennials
Idea / Flood relevant channels with ADCOLOR content in real-time and 2 weeks post-event


ADCOLOR champions diversity within advertising and media. As do I. I've always been a staunch advocate for diversity and supporter of the organization since its inception in 2007. While I had more bandwidth,  an opportunity arose to get more involved and co-lead the first-ever ADCOLOR Social Media Collective. I jumped at the chance to promote a cause near and dear to my heart. What followed was a content-rich, 96-hour whirlwind.

Our small, but mighty team covered everything: a Millennial Hackathon, 10 panel discussions, a contest, a mentor/mentee brunch, the red carpet, the awards show and the famed after party. We sparked conversation on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and gave those unable to attend an all-access pass to the knowledge and inspiration shared each day.

By the end of it all, my mind and body were tired, but my heart was full. Faithful attendees immediately noticed a marked difference in the social conversation from years past. And the results spoke for themselves.

  • Reach: 4,798,460
  • Impressions: 10,335,115
  • Posts: 1602
  • Users: 564
  • Instagram:300% increase in Followers