My favorite pieces and the stories behind them.



Client / Chocolate Creme Oreo
Media / :30 TV
Challenge / Announce the first new Oreo in 89 years, without betraying brand loyalists
Idea / An ode to the ultimate creature of habit

This spot marked the first time my late grandmother had ever seen one of my commercials on the air. She lived in New Brockton, AL, so it had to have a decent budget and a national media plan to make it to her market. This was a major launch for Oreo, so this one finally made it.

I'll never forget what happened when we arrived for our visit that summer. Mu’Dear was sitting on her front porch with three of her friends. And she introduced me as “her grandbaby that did that Oreo commercial with the old man.” And then I watched four 80-year-old women spontaneously act out the whole thing! Apparently, it was memorable.

The spot was so effective, the cookies sold out within days. Nabisco even issued an apology for its bare shelves as its largest bakery ramped up production to keep up with the unexpected demand nationwide.