My favorite pieces and the stories behind them.



Client / Shimano
Media / Magazine Print
Challenge / Visually communicate the speed of cyclists who wear Shimano shoes
Idea / An homage to a classic toy that earned some street cred within the walls of CP+B

This ad was proof that I had what it took to do this job. We had a lot to prove that summer. Crispin had never hosted interns, so the opportunity was highly coveted at the Adcenter. The professors had assigned the placements. And many people silently and not-so-silently wondered why my partner and I had been chosen for it.

Hell, once we arrived in Coconut Grove I wondered, too. It was tough. The creative department was very small and we were the only women (other than the creative assistant and the art buyer.) But the day we sat in on that department-wide brainstorm and sold this ad, I stopped wondering. We had earned our seats in that creative department and I knew I could hang with the boys.