My favorite pieces and the stories behind them.



Client / Time Warner Cable
Media / :30 TV
Challenge / Seed TWC as the service provider of choice to fickle college students
Idea / A product demo that appealed to one of the target's main interests: video games

In this instance, I pushed my limits and it was totally worth it. The client was tight on time and money, so after pulling some favors, we decided to shoot and edit in LA. We were supposed to be gone for 10 days, which was tough because I had two kids under four years old at home in NYC.

We returned home 22 days later. And I managed not to lose my mind because my team was great and the work was going to be great. So, I focused on the outcome and Skyped as often as I could. It helped that I ended up missing my girls more than they missed me. And the nightly bottle of Lockwood Malbec we shared at Casa del Mar really helped, too.